Andrew Sadock has practiced holistic energy work in Chicago, San Francisco, and at Esalen Institute (Big Sur). Author and Captain-Owner of a wooden tall ship, the Red Witch, he is also a playwright and musician, having written a screenplay on real-time, real-life synchronicity and created three musical CDs (world jazz and ambient).

Andrew Sadock Podcast

The Esalen Institute

Esalen was founded by Stanford graduates Michael Murphy and Dick Price in 1962. Their intention was to support alternative methods for exploring human consciousness, what Aldous Huxley described as “human potentialities”. Over the next few years, Esalen became the center of practices and beliefs that make up the New Age movement, from Eastern religions/philosophy, to alternative medicine and mind-body interventions, to Gestalt Practice.

Holistic Counseling & Coaching

Our unique system of healing recognizes that you have conscious traits based upon a distinct core energetic template. And we recognize that you are in a unique developmental stage. No one method of therapy can serve everyone.